Advertising is undoubtedly one of the primary sources of revenue for news publications. This is the case for both online and hard copy companies. Sponsors will pay money to have their brand advertised.

This form of revenue is widespread on news sites in particular. An advertisement will appear on a page that features a story. The company will pay the news site based on how many clicks the page gets.

However, in recent years, ad blocker technology has become prevalent. Browsers are able to add extensions which completely remove any third party advertisements from a news site. This is a severe threat to ads as a revenue source for these companies.

One tool against ad blockers is software that detects it. This can then prevent the reader from accessing a story. Users are redirected to a page that will explain that the company relies on adverts and that disabling the ad blocker will allow the user to access the site in full. In recent years, this has become an industry standard practice.

Advertising is also prevalent in newspapers. It is usually found towards the back of the publication and can be from a range of different businesses. Tabloid newspapers are more likely to contain them, rather than broadsheets.

Independent newspapers often heavily rely on advertisements to fund the publication. This can be to the extent that the paper has far more ads inside them than actual stories. This can often be seen in magazines that are circulated in small local communities.

With online sites, there is a disturbing trend of ads masquerading as news stories. This threatens the reliability of online news overall. This trend shows no sign of stopping. It shows the over-reliance that this medium has on advertisements. The ad revenue itself is directly changing the industry, and not in a positive way.