Online News

For decades newspapers were the dominant medium for people to consume information on recent events. However online news is now beginning to take over. Those who have access to the internet will be able to read a plethora of online publications.

This variety means that the reader is more likely to find a site that appeals to them. This is in contrast to print media, which only has a limited number of newspapers in circulation. Many people find that these hard copy papers do not fit in with their political views. Often tabloids will be written from a very specific biased point of view. This can alienate younger readers.

Young people are the ones that are fueling the surge in online news. There are several reasons why this medium is more appealing than traditional ones. It has an enhanced immediacy. Stories can be published at any time in the day. This means people can read about an event that took place less than an hour ago. This is in contrast to paper news which is published at a slower rate. In this form people are literally reading yesterday’s news.

Online sites give readers an increased sense of interactivity. Not only can they read stories. They can also comment on them. Often an online news site will have a comment section at the bottom of the web page. This can be used as a tool to build a community around the news brand.

Online publications will also provide stories on more niche subjects. Readers with special interests are more likely to find articles that appeal directly to their personal tastes. The internet can provide news on practically any subject. Modern readers may find that they reject traditional newspapers due to its overly broad appeal. For this reason they may seek more specific online stories.