Paper News

Despite this being the age of the digital revolution, paper news still has its place. The medium has been around for a long time, and therefore is widely accepted as the dominant medium. Most people were born before online news began to reach the popularity it has now.

Therefore the majority of readers are more used to newspapers. In recent years it has become clear that news consumed from online sources is not always reliable. Sometimes the information given is either biased or an outright lie.

Readers tend to have more faith in the reliability of newspapers, online or paper form. The information is sometimes provided by Reuters, the most trusted news agency in the world. Stories need to be vetted and validated. Editors are in place to make sure that articles are of a high quality. Often newspapers have a more thorough system in place for confirming the reliability of stories.

There are numerous newspapers which are available daily. Each one appeals to a different readership. Many of these people have been consuming information from the same newspaper for decades. They have a brand loyalty which means that these publications can continue to have a regular target market.

Newspapers sometimes appeal to people by confirming their own political views. This is seen most often in the case of tabloids. These papers relay information from a point of view that makes the reader feel that the publication is “on their side”. This does however have a negative effect. It can be used to keep readers in an “echo chamber”. Worse still, it can be used for propaganda purposes.

This is the darker side of newspapers. From a financial point of view hard copy media continues to prosper. There is still a large readership for this type of news, even as technology continues to advance.