The Future of News Mediums

In this modern age, newspapers and online publications are becoming increasingly competitive with each other, trying to attract new readers. The future seems unclear as to which medium will take over. There are many possible outcomes.

Traditional newspaper companies tend to have more money, than their younger online competitors. Perhaps, in the coming years, these companies will be able to use this capital to stay on top. However, to keep up sales in the coming decades, they will need to expand their appeal. Younger readers will need to be enticed by hardcopy media for it to survive.

Currently, young people are much more interested in online news. It is cheaper, and more readily available. However, the reliability of online news is beginning to be called into question. Sometimes so-called online “news stories” are merely advertisements in disguise. Other times, the information stated in these stories is from an unreliable source.

For online news to grow in popularity, there will need to be new regulations put in place. These would help to ensure the reliability of information in stories. If online news can be trustworthy, then it has the potential to end print media entirely.

However, there is a third possibility. Newspapers may continue to keep printing hard copy while embracing new technology, and we have already started to see this happen. Many traditional papers have set up online versions. This way, readers have increased access to their stories. Some of these sites even have stories that are not available in hard copy versions.

This seems like the more likely future of the news. Older companies will want to continue printing papers. This will appeal to their loyal readership. At the same time, they will expand their target market. They can do this by using their online site to publish more niche stories.