Useful Financial News Sites for Investors


Bloomberg Limited Partnership is one of the most trusted financial news organisations available. It is frequently used by seasoned and experienced professionals to aid in their various investment decisions. The reliable information provided by Bloomberg can assist the savvy investor to gain significant profits.

Bloomberg Markets is ideal for those who want to be informed about the latest news stories. It gives in-depth analysis on many sectors. This is updated throughout the day.

Often, an investor will find themselves on the move, while working. That is precisely why the mobile version of Bloomberg was created. Those who want news related to a copy profit share scheme, and many other aspects of business, will find it particularly useful.

They even have a subscription service for businesses. This is the perfect choice for investors whose employers are willing to pay the fee. With this tool, a marketing professional will never have to worry about being out of the loop, when it comes to market developments.


This site was created by Jim Cramer, who may be well known to those who follow the market news. He is currently the host of CNBC’s Mad Money. With TheStreet, he brings his industry expertise to an even wider audience.

TheStreet is by far one of the most useful and leading, news sites focusing on financial news. Professionals are attracted to it because the insights come from someone who truly understands the industry. Cramer has an immense level of knowledge when it comes to investment. He dutifully shares this with site users.

Like Bloomberg, there is also a paid subscription service. It provides readers with crucial information and advice. This includes analytical research, which could prove highly useful to investors. The research feature is what sets the site apart from other similar financial news publications.